About Us


The College of Arts, Sciences & Education has designed enrichment programs to prepare the next generation of explorers, creators and innovators. Campers are engaged in learning opportunities that combine unique STEM experiences with fun adventures, games and field trips.

The enrichment programs provide an environment where campers can try new things, develop social skills, learn the value of hard work, build character and foster independence. By exploring the disciplines under the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, within the three interdisciplinary schools – The School of Environment, Arts and Society, the School of Integrated Science and Humanity, and the School of Education and Human Development, campers have a chance of finding what they excel at through rewarding and unforgettable experiences.*

We encourage campers to set their future in motion at one of the nation’s largest, most global, and most highly recognized public research university. We believe in cultivating the minds of future FIU Panthers!