Spring Break-Mini Camp

STEM is a popular acronym for the disciplines of “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” designed to demonstrate their interconnectedness.
The College of Arts, Sciences and Education has partnered with FIU faculty, Graduate Assistants and experts in the field to educate campers on these STEM disciplines through hands-on and relevant learning experiences. Spring Break-Mini Camp will host campers ages 5 through 13.


Science is the study of the natural world around us. Knowledge acquired through science is about discovering truths, finding facts, and uncovering hidden phenomenon. On day one campers will gain knowledge about the natural world observing and engaging in experiments and observation presented by the FIU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the Department of Physics within the School of Integrated Science and Humanity.

Day 2 and Day 3 TECHNOLOGY

Whether you aspire to become a developer or want to launch your own mobile game, your coding path starts here. On day two and three campers will learn fundamentals of coding, creating apps, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Day 4 FIU Music

In collaboration with FIU Music at The Wertheim under the College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts, campers will explore singing in every style. Singers will have the opportunity to participate in A Capella, Jazz and traditional choral ensembles. This experience includes exercises to enhance live performance, stage presence and movement. Students will also get a unique tour of the FIU School of Music.*


On day five it’s all about learning math out of the classroom and fostering a love of learning that encourages unique and innovative thinking. Through modeling, graphing and solving real-world problems, participants will learn problem solving strategies. Additionally, games, puzzles and logic and reasoning challenges will provide fun opportunities teamwork and confidence building.